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Ask Emily, Part II

Greetings Blue Dove loves!

I hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and your families!  Here at Blue Dove, Emily and her team are busily preparing for a spectacular year of beautifully handcrafted and delightful clothes for the special children in your life. With the new year, we have already seen many new faces to our brand and The Nest.  We welcome all of you to our special family and are so glad that you are here.  It only seemed appropriate to kick off the year with the second installment of our "Ask Emily" series. 

What is this series?

Throughout the year, Emily Franke, creator and designer extraordinaire will answer YOUR questions about Blue Dove in our "Ask Emily" series!  If you've ever wanted to know more about the brand, Emily's design process, a favorite piece, or her life in general, send your questions to me at thenest@bluedovekids.com or participate on social media by searching for the  'Ask Emily' post in our 'Blue Dove Love' Facebook group or on Instagram.

If you'd like to start from the beginning, Part I of the series can be found here and the story and history of Blue Dove can be found here.

Stay tuned throughout the year to see if you question has been answered and to learn something new!





 Ask Emily Part II

Q: What season do you love designing for the most?

EF: Spring is my favorite. I'm a sucker for a bubble!


Q: Do you usually start with a design and find fabric for it, or do you fall in love with a fabric and design around it?

EF: Both. It just depends on if I have an idea and need to hunt down the PERFECT fabric or sometimes I see a fabric and "BAM" I know what I want to do.


Q: If money was not a concern, what would you design?

EF: Without a doubt, christening outfits!  I'd probably look into mama matches to things I've already created.


Q: On average, how many times do you tweak a design before you feel it's ready to offer?  Or are you like Mozart and have the perfect finished product in your head before you start?

EF: I usually tweak 1-2 times, however, I have been known to tweak for years!  One design had over 10 revisions. :)


Q: How many dresses are in your Forever Box?

EF: Which box? I have three! 


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